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antique clocks

Are antique clocks a good investment?

Navigating the world of antique clocks presents a unique investment opportunity. These timekeeping treasures, often steeped in a rich history, offer much more than mere functionality. The allure lies in their age, origin, and the craftsmanship that mirrors the era…

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Who is the most famous glass artist?

Novaro was a popular glassblower, particularly in the 20th century. He began his work as an apprentice at age 14, and by the time he was 20, he had sharpened his skills to begin working alone. Jean’s products evolved from…

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Modern masters paintings

Buy impressionist masters’ paintings online

There are different types of modern paintings, including Venetian plaster, metals, metallic and texture effects. Whether you want to paint like a professional or just for leisure purposes, these products work at any time. Modern master’s products are best for…

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Georges Mathieu

A biography of Georges Mathieu online

Painting is one of the oldest arts, dating back thousands of years ago. Over the years, there have come top painters who intrigued the world with their fine paintings. Some top painters include Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Jackson Pollock,…

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A simple definition of Outsider Art

Since its conception in the early 1970s, outsider art has evolved from a movement “on the fringes of society” to a popular movement. However, it has retained its original spontaneous aspect. In this article, we give you a definition of…

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Podcasts on art to soothe the spirit

You stay home and miss your dose of culture? Podcasts are a great way to relax and learn without leaving your couch. We are here to recommend the best art podcasts to listen to while stimulating your creativity. It’s a…

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Contemporary art works to see in London

Known throughout the world for its vibrant cultural life, London is undoubtedly the cultural capital of Europe. Art galleries, theatres, concert halls, there is no shortage of opportunities to appreciate art in all its forms during a trip to the…

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Contemporary art in London: 10 things to do

London is a world capital of art. With world-renowned venues such as the British Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Tate Britain, as well as a vibrant art market, it attracts art lovers and professionals from all over the world….

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