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Published on : 21 May 20203 min reading time

There’s no shame in admitting it, visiting a museum can sometimes be boring. But some museums, because of their location or theme, are worth the detour.

The Museum of Non Visible Art (MONA)

What do you see in this museum? Nothing, nothing. The Museum of Non-Visible Art brings together a large quantity of works that, in reality, do not exist, at least materially. In rooms with white or coloured walls, there are only empty frames – and sometimes not even – surmounted by an inscription explaining the state of mind in which the author conceived his work, invisible. This is the case of Fresh Air, a work “on display” at MONA, which was bought for $10,000 by a client. When someone buys these “works”, they get a card with the artist’s description of the work, as well as a certificate of authenticity.

The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC)

The Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco, which opened in Los Angeles, also delighted New Yorkers, and its truck rode through the streets of Miami. On the menu and as an appetizer, some historical information on ice, which is said to have been invented in 618 by the Tang Dynasty in China. Then, as a main course, games and role-playing that will take you back to childhood, like diving into a pool of sprinkles or taking a swing in the middle of whipped cream tubes. And for dessert? Ice cream, of course.

The MUSA (Underwater Museum of Contemporary Art)

In Mexico, it’s not just the beaches that are crowded. Underwater, off the coast of Cancùn, not far from 500 human-sized sculptures have been immersed between 4 and 8 metres deep, over an area of 4,200 m2. These sculptures by 6 different artists are the idea of Jason deCaires Taylor and also invite us to reflect on the fragility of certain ecosystems. Indeed, the works are designed and installed to serve as reefs that host the fauna and flora of the oceans and to reconstitute endangered coral reefs.

The Museum of broken relationships

Love affairs often end badly. But sometimes they can give good ideas. A former Croatian couple, Olinka Vistina and Drazen Grubisic, decided to open a museum containing the “remains” of broken relationships. The concept is simple: if your heart has been broken and you find yourself with reminders of your lover that are too precious but too painful to keep, send them to the museum with a brief description. These seemingly mundane objects will be displayed with no further explanation other than what you are willing to give them. It is said that this has a therapeutic effect as well.

The Sweet Art Museum

Are you a little depressed? Don’t panic, go to this museum dedicated to happiness. In this museum with its pink facade – obviously – unicorns, hanging clouds, giant erasers and the insistent smell of sweets. The exhibition has been especially designed for Instagram fans. Something to make all your followers dream.

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