Podcasts on art to soothe the spirit

You stay home and miss your dose of culture? Podcasts are a great way to relax and learn without leaving your couch. We are here to recommend the best art podcasts to listen to while stimulating your creativity. It's a great way to get in touch with the art world, wherever you are!

1. The Sound of Art

Two young art historians, Victoria and Florian, interview a different guest every two weeks. This art podcast is perfect to broaden your artistic horizon and learn more about some of the still unknown gems of the art world. Discover their work, their inspiration and their art scenes. In addition, they have special episodes of the Young Artists in Europe exhibition at the Fondation Cartier, so you won't miss any of the exhibitions during this period.

2. Women of Art

The Women in the Arts Podcast celebrates the talent of women in the art world, but it's a podcast for everyone! Each week, a different artist, curator or collector talks about her personal and professional experience with art. These speakers never fail to talk about their inspiration and creative vision. While you listen, don't forget to follow their wonderful Instagram account for a complete sensory experience.

3. Art is the material

A more traditional form of podcast, as before going online, L'art est la matière is broadcast every Sunday on France Culture. The presenter Jean de Loisy is no stranger to the subject, since he is both art critic and president of the Palais de Tokyo. In each episode, he evokes the works of well-known artists and movements, while presenting the latest exhibitions of the moment. In this way, he brings a new and refreshing look at the art of the past!

4. Did Venus wax her pussy?

As its title suggests, this podcast deals with art history from a feminist angle. Considering that art always reflects the society from which it originated, this podcast raises questions too often ignored about the role of women in history. For example, when we walk through the galleries, why do we always see naked women but dressed men? Why are all the great masters men? The presenter Julie Beauzac raises some questions on the subject

5. The Art History Babes

This optimistic podcast is hosted by four art history graduates. They discuss everything about art... over a glass of wine. From Caravaggio to Van Gogh, or astrology to Instagram, this podcast covers it all! Expect to meet many special guests, including artists and specialists, who will introduce you to exciting topics about art. Plus, if you have a lot of free time, you'll be able to check out their extensive catalogue...

6. Bow Down: Women in Art History

Produced by Frieze, Bow Down is a podcast that takes an in-depth look at women in the art that history has so neglected. Presented by artists, historians, writers and curators, this intellectual podcast is here to help you discover the women artists we should all know. With only 20 minutes per episode, it's the perfect way to get your daily dose of feminism and culture.

7. Art Curious

If you're looking for something a little more outrageous, look no further than Art Curious. Host Jennifer Dasal focuses on the history of great works and figures in art history and leaves nothing to chance. Was Jack the Ripper really a British painter? Did Man Ray inspire the murder of Black Dahlia? Is the Mona Lisa a fake? Dive into his podcasts on art and crime, prepare to discover what lies beneath the varnish...

8. A Piece of Work

Have you ever walked through a museum of contemporary art and found yourself with countless questions you didn't dare to ask? MoMA presents A Piece of Work, hosted by actress and illustrator Abbi Jacobson. It is a safe place to explore the extraordinary world of modern and contemporary art. Don't know where to start? Try Episode 6 with celebrity drag RuPaul, dealing with a controversial art form: performance art.

9. Talk Art

Friends Russell Tovey and Robert Diament, respectively actor and gallery owner, take the time to discuss their favorite common interest... art! In each episode, they interview a different figure in the creative industry, as well as a variety of artists, actors and curators. It's an opportunity to delve into Sir Ian McKellen's private art collection, take an exclusive tour of Tracey Emin's exhibition with the artist herself, and discover Grayson Perry's greatest influences and advice. Don't forget to watch for special art festival episodes!

10. The Art Of...

Created by the British art institution Tate, The Art Of... explores a different theme in each episode, from love and belonging to memory and protest. Along the way, interviews with artists offer a wide range of perspectives on these teeming subjects. Why not start with 'The Art of Dreaming' and escape from reality for 30 minutes? Bonus: The MOOC of the Centre Pompidou If you wish to go further in your artistic knowledge, this is the ideal time to follow the online courses offered by the Centre Pompidou on contemporary art. They are completely free and accessible online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you have no excuse not to be an expert at the end of the confinement period! With their pre-recorded videos and quizzes to test your progress, you could test yourself with your friends and family after you've finished your day at work? We hope you'll be inspired by our little official guide to the ideal art podcasts to stimulate your mind while you're at home. Enjoy!
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