Making art accessible to you

Benefiting from a rich collection of images, our specialists in art history and multimedia publishing aim to promote access to works of art. Today, Art History is taught in schools. To accompany this new step in the discovery of art, we have created an educational website, accessible to all. Whether you are a teacher, a student but also just as curious or enlightened amateur, this website has endeavoured to open up paths to works of art for you, whatever your initial knowledge or your desires! Further information on G-Artgallery.com.


This platform covers the whole field of art history, from prehistory to the present day: architecture, sculpture, paintings, stained glass, tapestries and more…Tens of large format, high quality images for the simple pleasure of watching, comparing, discovering and dreaming… More on ecolemusiquedanse.org.


You are curious about everything: take a walk, let yourself be surprised, look, discover! You are a teacher: this site will help you to create your educational sequences. The quality and size of the reproductions make it easy to show them in class. You are a secondary school student: the works chosen correspond to the programmes, they are explained and very widely illustrated. Print the cards and you will have perfect documentation for a presentation. You are studying art history: you will find structured analyses, images for comparison, ideas for further study… Visit techevents.info for more details.

Good tips to learn about art and its history

Specialized websites

It is well known that the Internet is a mine of information. But you still need to know where to look and select trustworthy sites. For a general and didactic view of the history of Art, the site histoiredelart.net is organized by very practical categories.

Art classes

A little more expensive option, but whose quality is no longer to be demonstrated… Art schools offer classes for the introductory Art History course and more. Thes cycles cover the whole of History, from Prehistory to Contemporary Art, explained by art professionals who rely on real artworks.


Don’t forget the museums , obviously! It’s always nice to walk around them, as there’s nothing better than being in contact with the works of art to get a glimpse of their perfect crafting! You should also think about taking a trip to the libraries, where you can always find good books on the History of Art.


Making a brand unforgettable, inventing an object, optimising a space, improving the user experience of a product or service… designers have invested in all areas of everyday life. As for artists, their situation is often more precarious and they can be led to work in parallel in teaching or cultural mediation.

Art galleries are crucial for the spread of art

Art galleries are generally public or private places, set up to display and showcase artistic works. They therefore play an essential role in the artistic field. They make the work and the artist known (like the art critic), and allow to commercialize his/her work. They have a great responsibility and servee as a spearhead for the propagation of art. It can be said that they are essential places for artists who want to make themselves known. However, they remain a transitory place because of the duration of the exhibitions…